MOSCOW, March 26 (RAPSI) - A paramedic who was called to the scene of Boris Berezovsky’s death told an inquest that the former oligarch had likely taken his own life, RIA Novosti reported Wednesday.

Berezovsky was found dead by his bodyguard in the bathroom of his house on Mill Lane, Ascot, Berkshire, in March 2012. The results of a post-mortem examination found the cause of death to be consistent with hanging. 

After having lost a case in London against fellow Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich that year, Berezovsky agreed to pay litigation costs of 35 million pounds and wrap up a series of other proceedings in London courts. He was allegedly on a bankruptcy edge before being found dead.

Paramedic John Pocock told the inquest that suicide was likely the cause, as there was no evidence indicating otherwise. 

The paramedic added that Berezovsky had been dead for several hours by the time he arrived on the scene. 

Pocock confirmed the testimony of the Avi Navam, the security guard who has found the body. According to both, there was a piece of cloth, tightened around the Berezovsky's neck, there were no signs of struggle, and there was no evidence of suspicious activity.

However, the paramedic was unsure whether the cloth would have been able to withstand the weight of the businessman’s body.

Radiation test has been carried out, but no radioactive elements have been found, Pocock added.

Bloomberg reported that inquests are conducted in England and Wales to look into sudden or unexplained deaths. They can result in verdicts of death by accident, suicide, or unlawful killing, or the verdict can be left open where there is insufficient evidence to draw a conclusion.