VORONEZH, August 5 (RAPSI) – On August 5, five paintings by famous Russian artist Isaak Levitan were stolen from his house-museum in the Ivanovo Region, the regional police department said in a statement.

Levitan, one of the most famous Russian landscape artists, completed about 1,000 paintings, studies, drawings and sketches. Most of his masterpieces are at the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

“At about 3 am Moscow Time August 5, unknown intruders entered the Levitan House-Museum in the town of Plyos,” the police statement says. They stole five of his paintings from the exhibition hall. The titles and value of the works have not been disclosed. No arrests have been made in the case, but the police have determined that two people were involved in the theft.

The Plyos museum is the only Levitan “house-museum” in Russia. It was opened in 1972. Levitan first visited Plyos in 1888 and completed 23 well known paintings there as well as about 200 drawings, studies and sketches.