MOSCOW, February 13 (RAPSI) – Georgy Shuppe, Boris Berezovsky’s son-in-law, has appealed a Russian arrest warrant in connection with the murder of a Russian businessman, lawyer Vladimir Krasnov told RAPSI on Friday.

Shuppe with his business partner and alleged accomplice Mikhail Nekrich fare being accused of organizing the murder of Alexander Mineyev, founder of the Partiya store chain in January 2014, and fraud involving his property. The defendants are currently avoiding the investigation. On February 10, they were arrested in absentia.

Krasnov said that investigators have no proof of Shuppe’s guilt. Berezovsky’s son-in-law has lived in London for a long time and there is no evidence that he was in Russia when the crime happened.

Mineyev, former owner of the Partiya stores, was killed in January 2014. Allegedly, the killer, sitting in a nearby car, shot almost an entire magazine into the businessman. The investigation found that the murder may have been organized by some of his employees.

Both the defendants are on the federal wanted list. Shuppe was put on the international wanted list on January 19, 2015. Shuppe and Nekrich have Swiss and Israeli citizenship, the Kommersant business newspaper reported earlier.

In late December, one of the top managers of Mineyev’s company was also arrested as part of the case.