MOSCOW, April 6 (RAPSI) – Personnel of Russia's Federal Protective Service, or FSO, engaged in protection of high-ranking state officials, including the President, is required to get rid of property abroad by October 1, according to a draft order posted on the official website of planned legislation.

None of the high-ranking FSO officials, including its chief Yevgeny Murov, owned any property outside Russia, according to income declarations for 2013.

The Federal Security Service, or FSB, was among the first Russian agencies that introduced restrictions for its personnel. It was prohibited from traveling abroad in 2011.

At the same time, provisions are being drafted to introduce similar restrictions at other government agencies.

In December 2014, the law prohibiting government officials from keeping money in foreign banks and using foreign financial instruments was expanded. The law, which was adopted in May 2013, stipulates this restriction only for officials who are involved in decisions that concern national sovereignty and security. The restriction will now be spread to those who take part in preparing such decisions in the line of duty.