MOSCOW, April 20 (RAPSI) - Сivil rights activist Natalya Pelevina suspected of involvement in 2012 mass protests in central Moscow was questioned on Monday by Russian investigators, her lawyer Sergei Badamshin told RAPSI.

“No charges have been brought against Natalya Pelevina yet. There has only been an interrogation report on her as a suspect in funding the riots,” the defense lawyer said.

He did not disclose whether Pelevina had testified or exercised her constitutional right to not testify against herself.

Last Friday, the human rights activist’s apartment was searched. She was also summoned as a witness in the case where her status was changed from witness to suspect.

Earlier, the defense lawyers announced that they are going to appeal the investigators’ actions.

In May 2012, the march along the Yakimanka River and a rally on Bolotnaya Square authorized by Moscow officials resulted in riots and clashes with police. Dozens of people were injured and over 400 protesters were detained.

The riot organizers, Sergei Udaltsov and Leonid Razvozzhayev, were sentenced to 4.5 years in prison each. The riot participants were given sentences ranging from suspended to four years. Several defendants were pardoned and one is undergoing compulsory psychological treatment.