MOSCOW, May 21 (RAPSI) - Communications regulator Roskomnadzor will start blacklisting iOS and Android apps with books which are banned in Russia, Izvestia reported on Thursday, citing spokesman for Roskomnadzor, Vadim Ampelonsky.

“It is outrageous that this content is available in popular online stores. Application administrators must be able to prevent distribution of prohibited content,” the newspaper quotes Ampelovsky.

Additionally, if any instigation of mass riots or extremist activity is discovered online, the Prosecutor General and his deputy could address Roskomnadzor and request immediate blocking of the page.

After the agency blacklists a page with a questionable application in an application store, small regional provider users may be denied access to the entire online store. Some 30% of Internet providers do not have capacity to block only specific pages and can only block entire services.

Recently, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Stavropol Territory filed a petition with a local court requesting a ban on two books by Sa'id bin Ali bin Wahf Al-Qahtani distributed online that were included on the federal list of banned extremist material, Izvestia reported.

The court ruled that the links to the respective pages in AppStore and Google Play be blacklisted, which made them unavailable to users of Russian Internet providers.