MOSCOW, August 19 (RAPSI) - The Bubnov and Partners Moscow legal firm has asked the Prosecutor General Yury Chaika to investigate violations of the law that allegedly occur during the distribution of Microsoft's new product Windows 10, RIA Novosti reports on Wednesday citing attorney Alexei Kuznetsov.

The law firm claims that Windows 10 threatens user privacy, which could lead to violations of Russian law – particularly, personal data and advocacy laws.

The attorneys say that the operating system collects browser history, passwords, location, emails, calendar events and voice samples and passes them on to third parties.

The request implies that Microsoft could use this data both for its own purposes and to transfer them to third parties, from advertisers to courts to security services. The attorneys are specifically concerned with maintaining legal confidentiality. They claim no lawyer using Windows 10 can guarantee confidentiality to a client.

The law firm says the data collection function must be switched off by default and users should be able to choose whether to turn it on. The new operating system should only be approved for distribution in Russia after Microsoft complies with this condition.

Earlier, Vadim Solovyov, a parliament member representing the Communist Party, addressed Prosecutor General Yury Chaika with a request to check whether the new Windows 10 operating system complies with Russian law.

Solovyov believes that, since many Russian government agencies use Windows operating systems, it could result in leaks of classified information in favor of foreign intelligence.

Starting July 29 and for 12 months, the new Windows 10 operating system can be installed for free on computers using the previous version of Windows. Within the first 24 hours of release, some 14 million users around the world downloaded the OS.