MOSCOW, July 29 (RAPSI, Lyudmila Klenko) – Instructions and regulations governing visits to Moscow courts prohibit Pokemon Go fans to hunt for pokemons on the premises of the capital’s “court palaces,” Ulyana Solopova, the Moscow City Court spokeswoman, told RAPSI on Friday.

“This game comes down to getting photo and video images of interiors. According to the rules, any photo and video shooting within court buildings is prohibited with the exception of cases where it is permitted by responsible officials.

Therefore, the possible use of this application is restricted by the provisions of the rules,” Solopova said adding that the restrictive regulations were introduced due to the necessity to ensure public order in court buildings, security of visitors, judges, and employees.

In Russia, Pokemon Go has not been officially released yet. Nevertheless, some websites have already made public detailed instructions how gadget settings could be changed to load the application. The Pokemon Go developers advise Russian users against downloading unlicensed versions as it may be unsafe.

According to media outlets, the number of Pokemon Go downloads via AppStrore and Google Play has already made over 15 million worldwide.