BISHKEK, September 6 (RAPSI) - Russia’s High Commissioner for Human Rights Tatiana Moskalkova has proposed to create a single electronic information and legal base of ombudsmen, RAPSI reports on Tuesday from the international forum of ombudsmen held in the Kyrgyz Republic.

According to Moskalkova, the common database will allow ombudsmen from all over the world to share information on legal acts concerning human rights protection and law enforcement practice.

The Russian ombudsman also suggested to publish the unified collection of laws and regulations on human rights commissioners.

Speaking at the forum Moskalkova singled out the legislation improvement based on the analysis of citizens’ complaints as one of the main lines of Russian ombudsman’s work. Currently, the Russian parliament is obliged to consider initiatives proposed by the Commissioner. In 2017, Moskalkova submitted 30 initiatives on improvement of human rights protection, several of which were realized including compulsory release of seriously disabled persons from jail. This year, the parliament also approved the development of a bill on human rights ombudsmen in Russia’s territorial entities.

The institute of human rights ombudsman is a government body involved in protection and promotion of rights and freedoms, and competent legal assistance. Moskalkova was appointed as Russia’s human rights ombudsman in April 2016.