MOSCOW, October 19 (RAPSI) - The prosecutor's office of the city of Silistra conducted a probe into the complaint of Russian businessman Andrey Varganov against his former business partner Chudomir Dobrev Ivanov and passed the materials to the investigative authorities, according to prosecutor Vera Marinova.

Russian businessman asked the prosecutor's office of Silistra to transfer his complaint to Kavarna where he resides at the moment. Varganov said that Ivan Parushev, the head of the investigative department of Silistra, is a relative of Chudomir Dobrev Ivanov.

The prosecutor's office dismissed the request as it did not find sufficient grounds for the transfer of the claim to Kavarna.

The investigation into the fraud claim against Chudomir Dobrev Ivanov will be conducted under the control of Ivan Parushev.

Parushev faces criminal charges and six years in prison if he fails to conduct a proper and independent investigation, according to Konstantin Karanikolov, a lawyer of Andrei Varganov.

Varganov organized coal suppliers business in Bulgaria together with Bulgarian partners in 2013. The businessman claims that the funds transferred to the account of the company were illegally appropriated. Moreover, Varganov alleges that the company could be used by Chudomir Dobrev Ivanov for money laundering, as hundreds of thousands of euros were transferred using the account in 2015-2016.

Varganov filed the claim to the prosecutor's office and turned to the Russian embassy in Bulgaria for support after he and his family began receiving threats.