MOSCOW, April 20 (RAPSI) – Russian nationals stood trial on treason and espionage charges in 2017 less often than in 2016, according to the report of the Supreme Court’s Justice Department obtained by RAPSI. 

The Justice Department reported that 4 persons were found guilty of treason and 2 were convicted of espionage last year as compared to 14 and 3 respectively in 2016. There were no acquittals in these cases, according to statistics.
However, the number of people convicted of divulging state secrets increased from 25 to 28; and 3 persons were sentenced for receipt of top-secret information.

In total, 644 individuals were found guilty of crimes against foundations of the constitutional system and homeland security in 2017; 98 of them were sentenced to prison terms. Six defendants were acquitted, charges were dropped against 82, and 17 persons were found insane.

Incitement of hatred and enmity as well as violation of human dignity became the most frequent crimes last year with 460 people convicted.  Calls for coup resulted in conviction for 108 persons.