MOSCOW, April 23 (RAPSI) - Chairman of Russia’s Presidential Council for Human Rights Mikhail Fedotov has expressed concern over arrest and detention of activist and leader of the Center for the Protection of Russian Schools in Latvia Alexander Gaponenko, the statement published on the advisory body’s website reads.

According to Fedotov, if detention of Gaponenko is connected with protection of Russian schools, it contradicts standards of the Council and each civilized country.

Fedotov is going to apply to UNESCO over forthcoming actual liquidation of Russian-language schools in Latvia after changes in the country’s legislation, the statement reads. Moreover, the Council members are preparing an appeal to the United Nations and Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) over Gaponenko’s detention.

Chief of the Council’s Commission for human rights abroad said that if Gaponenko was arrested and detained for speaking but not for actions, Latvian authorities violated his right to freedom of expression.

Reportedly, Gaponenko was arrested on Friday. On Saturday, a court in Riga detained him on suspicion of illegal activity against the state. Gaponenko believes that his arrest is connected with his human rights activity and posts on social media.