MOSCOW, May 23 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Culture Ministry and Federal Tourism Agency (Rosturizm) do not support a proposal to block service across the country, the government agencies’ statements read.

According to Olga Yarilova, director of the ministry’s department on tourism and regional policy, the Culture Ministry is not authorized to suspend the service’s work. The ministry is adamantly opposed to such question formulation, she added.

A proposal to restrict access to was submitted to the Culture Ministry by Sergey Voytovich, top manager of SVOY TS, one of the largest tour operators for inbound and domestic travel.

The ministry readdressed his request to the Federal Tourism Agency, Yarilova said.

Rosturizm in turn also unsupported the proposal, the agency’s statement reads. registered in Amsterdam provides an online accommodation reservation service in more than 200 countries.