MOSCOW, June 26 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Human Rights Commissioner Tatiana Moskalkova on Tuesday was barred from visiting ex-military serviceman Maksim Odintsov, who had been convicted of treason in Ukraine, the ombudsman’s press service told RAPSI.

The administration of a Kiev detention center prevented Moskalkova from attending the convict because of lack of the resolutions of Ukraine’s Justice Ministry and a court, the statement reads.

On June 22, Russian consul was denied the opportunity to visit journalist Kirill Vyshinsky detained in Ukraine on treason charges.

Russia’s ombudsman and her Ukrainian colleague Lyudmila Denisova have been engaged in negotiations over visiting detainees and prisoners in both countries. The talks were aimed at alignment of positions on joint visits to prisons and detention centers on a parity basis and reaching a compromise on this point, according to Moskalkova’s press office.

Earlier, Moskalkova said that Denisova refused to attend a meeting scheduled for June 16 in Omsk. The ombudsmen were to come to an agreement on meeting Russian and Ukrainian prisoners and to discuss the situation of Dmitry Shtyblikov, sentenced to 5 years in a high security penal colony for preparing sabotage in Crimea. Moskalkova proposed her to renew cooperation.

According to a previous agreement, Moskalkova and Denisova settled two lists of Ukrainian and Russian detainees they were to visit. Each list included 34 persons.

In particular, Moskalkova was going to visit Vyshinsky, Odintsov and another ex-military serviceman Alexander Baranov, and Yelena Odnovol, an activist of the Volunteers of Victory movement. All of them have been charged by Ukrainian authorities with treason.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko reached an agreement on human rights commissioners’ visits to detained compatriots during a telephone conversation on June 9.