MOSCOW, September 16 (RAPSI) – The Eurasian Alliance of Ombudsmen has great possibilities for provision of assistance to people and will be extended, according to the Russian human rights commissioner Tatiana Moskalkova.

Another meeting of the alliance members will be held this year, she said on Monday. The coalition’s website containing information on people found themselves in a hard situation on the territory of the member states of the organization is to be launched, she added.

Recently, a Serbian ombudsman filed an application aiming to join the alliance, according to Russia’s human rights commissioner.

Initially it was expected that the foundation memorandum of Eurasian Alliance of Ombudsmen will be signed by Russia, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Moldova and Armenia, the ombudsman’s press office reported earlier. In September 2017, Mongolia, Iran and Turkey stated their willingness to join Eurasian Alliance of Ombudsmen as co-founders.

Under the memorandum, “the major purposes of Eurasian Alliance of Ombudsmen are cooperation in human rights protection, the spread of knowledge of human rights protection methods, cooperation with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, and other international human rights institutes.”

The institute of human rights ombudsman is a government body involved in protection and promotion of rights and freedoms, and competent legal assistance. Moskalkova was appointed as Russia’s human rights ombudsman in April 2016.