MOSCOW, December 26 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has found HeadHunter company guilty of breaching the law on competition as it had blocked access to its services for employers using alternative automated recruitment platforms, a statement of the agency reads on Thursday.

The actions of the company, according to the statement, created barriers for the developers of applications for communicating with the database.

The antimonopoly agency ordered HeadHunter to correct this violation.

The probe into the company has been initiated on the basis of a complaint on the part of a developer of an automated recruitment service, whose clients, employers and HR agencies, encountered problems when attempting to use the recruitment service.

Citing the terms of use of its service, HeadHunter has started to block employers using third automated recruitment services offering them its own similar service instead, the statement reads.

HeadHunter, which occupies a dominant position on the respective marked, obstructed organization of interaction between third services and its database, FAS says.