MOSCOW, July 31 (RAPSI) – Prosecutors in southern Russian city of Krasnodar demand the closure of a mini-zoo in the building of a local hotel because of appalling conditions animals had to live in there; thus, the living space for 11 crocodiles has been 22 times less than envisaged by the regulations, and animals of different species had to share same cages.

The Prosecutor’s Office in Krasnodar also found out that the owners had no proper approvals and permits for keeping the animals.

The 11 crocodiles were crammed into a 9.8 square meters aquarium, whereas regulations required at least 20 square meters of land and water space per reptile; at the same time, two monkeys of different species and an iguana had to share the same cage.

The zoo failed to provide animals with proper food under an established schedule; the quality and origins of the food were not confirmed by any documents, the Prosecutor General’s Office statement reads.

The establishment also lacked required veterinary facilities, according to the prosecutors.

The case was referred to investigators and courts; prosecutors seek that the operation of the zoo was suspended until the said breaches are remedied.