MOSCOW, August 25 (RAPSI) – The case of Ukrainian activist, pedagogue Tatyana Kuzmich, charged with treason, is a next step in elimination of everything Russian in Ukraine, according to member of Russia’s Presidential Human Rights Council Alexander Brod.

No violation can be seen when analyzing the indictment; the charges are based on mere allegations and clearly pursue elimination of everything related to Russia, Russian language, and Russian culture, underway in Ukraine, Brod says.

The civic activist believes Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky follows the aggressive Russophobe policy of his predecessors, what results in a plunge in the number of his supporters wishing to keep cultural and economic relations with Russia.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry, Ombudsman, human rights watchdogs in Russia and Europe, Brod insists, need to stand up for the Ukrainian activist, who is a victim of the inhuman policy pursued by Ukraine.

The information on the detention of Tatiana Kuzmich has been already reported to the Council’s Standing Commission on International Cooperation in Human Rights, Brod notes adding that he intends to urge the Commission to stand up for the Ukrainian activist.