MOSCOW, May 19 (RAPSI) — The Public Council at the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) has committed to help the body in the fight against cyberbullying and online fraud, the press service of the Russian Civic Chamber reports. 

The first meeting of the Public Council at Roskomnadzor has been hosted by the Civic Chamber; Svetlana Balanova, the National Media Group CEO, has been elected as the head of the Council. Among the main tasks of the body, according to the newly elected chairman, are: strengthening the fight against extremist and other illegal content, online fraud, cyberbullying and targeted dissemination of false information.

The task of Roskomnadzor is to prevent all these threats, and the Council will provide any support to the service in settling these problems. On the other hand, the Council members understand that it is necessary to ensure freedom of citizens and to meet their needs, so the Council is to accomplish this task by protecting the rights and freedoms of people by exercising public control, Balanova said.

Vladislav Grib, Deputy Secretary of the Chamber, said that there was a big competition for seats in the Public Council at Roskomnadzor - about 7.5 people per seat.

The Public Council composed of the best professionals is to perform public control in one of the most important areas of modern society. In the age of information technology, when people spend half of their time in the blogosphere, the Public Council at Roskomnadzor will obviously influence the legal, political, and moral culture of the society and mentality, Grib said.

Rifat Sabitov, Chairman of the Chamber’s Commission for the Development of the Information Community, Media and Mass Communications, noted that many of the tasks of the Commission and the Public Council at the Ministry for Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media overlap with the work of Roskomnadzor. so he had already agreed about cooperation with the newly elected Chair of the Council.