MOSCOW, July 5 (RAPSI) — The fourteenth special flight with Russian children from Syria has landed at the Chkalovsky airport near Moscow, the press service of the Children Rights Commissioner Anna Kuznetsova informs. Another 23 children were returned to their homeland. 

The plane of the Russian Ministry of Defense brought home 23 children, taken from the territory of a camp temporarily outside the control of the official authorities of Syria, as well as the Damascus orphanage and prison.

On her last visit to Syria, Kuznetsova said, her staff could find some children of Russian citizens in that camp, and by now all of them the Commissioner’s Office knows about have been brought to Russia.

As of today, documents are already ready for 106 children who are still in yet another camp in Syria, according to Kuznetsova.

The Children's Ombudsman clarified that after undergoing a medical examination, as soon as the doctors give permission, the children together with their relatives will go to six regions of the country: the Republic of Dagestan, the Chechen and Karachay-Cherkess Republics, the Samara and Tyumen regions, the Stavropol Territory. The youngest child returned today is 1 year and 10 months old. 

“Given the specifics of this work, preparation is always done quietly. But the return is a great joy for us that we want to share, it is happiness for relatives and friends who are waiting with tears for their babies,” Kuznetsova added.

The Ombudsman also noted that the international human rights community supports this work. Т

Thus, since 2018, 341 Russian children have been returned to their homeland from Syria and Iraq. Kuznetsova expressed gratitude to everyone who helps in the repatriation of underage Russian citizens - representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health, the leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic, representatives of the Kurds. The work on returning minors home from zones of armed conflicts is carried out under instructions of the President of the Russian Federation.