MOSCOW, June 17 (RAPSI) — As of May 31, 2022, the Supreme Court of the Donetsk People's Republic was considering 2,198, including 645 criminal, 1,050 civil, 75 administrative, 423 commercial and 5 cases on administrative violations, according to a report on the work of the courts of the DPR for the first five months of 2022.

During the reporting period, the Supreme Court completed 1,588 cases, or 72.2% of their specified number, including 351 criminal, 853 civil, 55 administrative, 324 commercial and 5 cases on administrative offenses, according to a document published on the official website of the DPR Supreme Court.

Thus, as of May 31, 2022, 610 cases remain in the proceedings of the Supreme Court (27.8% of the indicated number), including 294 criminal, 197 civil, 20 administrative and 99 commercial cases.

With regard to the proceedings at first instance, during the specified period, 170 cases were considered by the Supreme Court, of which 14 were completed by May 31; the Chamber of Appeal of the Supreme Court for the first instance completed proceedings on 13 cases against 13 persons out of a total of 167 cases against 322 persons.

The Judicial Chamber for Civil Cases of the DPR Supreme Court conducted proceedings in two administrative cases, of which one was completed.

The Judicial Chamber for Commercial Cases of the DPR Supreme Court considered one commercial material, the proceedings on which are still ongoing as of the date indicated above.

As to the appeals procedure, the DPR Supreme Court considered 1,166 cases concerning appeals and submissions (protests) against court decisions during the specified period, of which 922 cases were completed. At the same time, as to criminal proceedings, out of 291 cases against 363 persons, consideration of 195 cases against 239 persons was completed, 96 cases against 124 persons remain in progress.

In civil proceedings, 567 civil cases were under consideration, of which 479 cases were settled; as of May 31, 2022, proceedings are ongoing in 88 such cases, and proceedings have been suspended in five cases.

According to statistical data for the specified period, 45 administrative cases were examined in the framework of administrative proceedings, of which 32 cases were completed, 13 cases are ongoing.

There were registered 258 commercial cases in the framework of commercial proceedings, of which 211 cases were completed as of May 31, 47 such cases remain in progress.

During this period, five cases of administrative offenses were also considered.

For the first five months of 2022, the Supreme Court of the Donetsk People's Republic conducted cassation proceedings on 607 complaints, submissions and protests against decisions of the DPR courts, of which 469 cases and materials were completed.