Russia to consider seizure of property under terrorism laws

14:30 12/01/2015

MOSCOW, January 12 (RAPSI) - The parliament of Russia's Chechen republic has submitted a bill to the State Duma, Russia's lower house of parliament, toughening penalties for terrorism, including seizure of property, suspension of banking operations, TASS reported on Monday.

The bill extends the list of individuals subject to liability for crimes against public security. Notably, if the court proves a terrorist’s parents or close adult relatives assisted in the crime, they may also be charged, according to an explanatory note to the bill.

The authors of the bill thus propose making the punishment for crimes against public security significantly more severe.

The Chechen parliament states that it is important to determine the degree of awareness “of parents and close relatives to the activity of the person committing crimes against public security, their relationship, ways of assistance and interaction, and measures of mutual support.” The explanatory note also says that if assistance from parents or close relatives of the criminal cannot be proved, they will not be held liable.

In early December 2014, Chehnya's capital city of Grozny came under attack by radical Islamists leaving 14 policemen as well as several militants dead, and injuring 36 civilians in the process.

After the attack, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov issued some harsh statements, saying that families of terrorists will be deported and their houses will be razed to the ground.

It should be noted, that in November 2013, President Vladimir Putin has already signed a law making relatives of terrorists liable for the damages caused by their actions.

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