MOSCOW, August 30 - RAPSI. Police Colonel-General Nikolai Golovkins office was searched by investigators in strict accordance with the law, Vladimir Markin, the official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee, told RIA Novosti.

"The main investigative departments employees committed no violations during the search - everything was legal," Markin stressed.

The Prosecutor Generals Office refused to comment thus far.

Nikolai Golovkin confirmed that he filed complaints against the search with the prosecutors office several times: "Ive said several times, that the search in my office was conducted in violation of the law ...The video of the search was shot illegally, the court had not sanctioned the search, and I hold confidential information."

Uncovered several months ago, the high-profile Moscow Region illegal casino scandal incited a public uproar. Businessman Ivan Nazarov allegedly operated illegal casinos in 15 towns in the Moscow Region. According to law enforcement authorities, several high-ranking officials of regional prosecutors offices and the Interior Ministry were involved in the casino operation, which generated $5 to 10 million in revenue monthly.