MOSCOW, October 12 - RAPSI. Moscow regional investigators have opened a case against a traffic police battalion commander who reportedly extorted a $32,000 bribe from his subordinate, the Investigative Committee reported on Wednesday.

The investigators maintain that Col. Andrei Golubev and his deputy, who were "aware that some subordinates were being checked by investigators contemplating a possible criminal case against them," requested 1 million rubles ($32,000) from a traffic police officer on May 8, they report.

They promised to help him escape arrest and to be released on his own recognizance. However, the officer appealed to the law enforcement authorities.

Golubev's deputy received the money while being shadowed by police officers, who nevertheless failed to seize him. The suspect knocked down a police officer and drove away, throwing the money out of the car window. He was later arrested. He is facing up to 10 years in prison for fraud and violence against a police officer.

Golubev is also suspected of attempted large-scale fraud by a group in collusion.