MOSCOW, June 8 - RAPSI. Former Investigative Committee officer will go on trial on charges of extorting a $15 million bribe, reports the Prosecutor General's Office spokesperson Marina Gridneva.

Investigators hold that the then major investigator Andrei Grivtsov colluded with counsel Ruslan Parkin to contrive in receiving a $15 million bribe with his assistance. The money was to come from Rosenergomash President Vladimir Palikhata and lawyer Mikhail Vytnov, who were under threat of criminal proceedings. The scheme involved two other accomplices, one of whom was an Interior Ministry officer.

Palikhata turned to the police, who then took the matter in hand from there.

The case will be tried by the Moscow City Court. The suspects are charged with "attempted large-scale bribe extortion", a crime punishable by up to 12 years in jail.