MOSCOW, May 17 (RAPSI) - Rosbank Senior Vice President Tamara Polyanitsyna has admitted to being an accessory to the receipt of bribes on behalf of her boss, CEO Vladimir Golubkov, her attorney Ignat Yavorsky told RAPSI on Friday.

"She admitted to being an accessory to the crime when faced with factual evidence," Yavorsky said.

Previously, Golubkov had stated that his detainment was not connected with a conflict between the bank's Russian and French top managers, and that he would do his best to prove his innocence.

According to investigators, he received a 5 million ruble ($160,000) bribe on Tuesday as part of the $1.5 million the bank managers demanded from a commercial organization for extending a loan agreement and signing an additional agreement with a lower interest rate and monthly payments.

Polyanitsyna was the "go-between" vice president who was detained on Tuesday night as she accepted the last installment of the payment for her boss.

Rosbank is a private universal bank within the Societe Generale banking group. It provides banking services to private and corporate clients and has over 600 offices in 340 cities and towns across Russia. It is a top 10 Russian bank by assets.