MOSCOW, December 9 - RAPSI. The Supreme Court's board of cassation has upheld the decision to ban remote sale of alcohol, in particular on the Internet, the court's website reports.

This ruling validates the current regulations on remote sales approved by the government in September 2007.

Evropa claimed partial invalidation of the prohibition to sell remotely not only alcohol, but other goods banned from selling freely.

The claimant also contested the rule whereby a contract is deemed concluded from the issuance by the vendor of a sales receipt or another payment confirmation to a purchaser, or from the receipt of information by the vendor on the purchaser's intent to purchase a product.

The Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection and Human Well-Being Surveillance believes that this ruling will also help prevent alcohol addiction and improve remote sale regulation in general.

In the service's estimate at present there are about 2.5 million alcohol addicts in Russia.

RAPSI/ has yet to obtain comments from the claimant.