MOSCOW, December 27 - RAPSI. A district court will hear on Tuesday an appeal against the arrest of Sergei Udaltsov.

Udaltsov is an activist of the Left Front opposition movement, who was earlier arrested for a 15-day term. During the October 24 picketing of the Central Election Commission he was arrested for another 10 days for disobeying police officers.

On Monday Magistrate's Court 423 declared Udaltsov guilty of disobeying the police one more time, although he was supposed to be in hospital after his hunger-strike following his detention on December 4.

According to his attorney he has not admitted his guilt.

Udaltsov was arrested on December 4, the parliamentary election day, because he had escaped from the hospital before his administrative arrest expired. Udaltsov argued that he had not been duly notified as to what he should do after he left the hospital before the end of his arrest term.

Udaltsov was taken to the hospital twice during his hunger-strike.