MOSCOW, December 27 - RAPSI. The Tverskoy District Court in Moscow has adjourned until January 7 its hearing of an appeal filed by opposition leader Sergei Udaltsov against his administrative arrest.

"The hearing is postponed until January 7, 12.00 Moscow Time," court spokeswoman Yekaterina Ilyina said.

Udaltsov, who had previously been arrested for taking part in the December 4 protest rally and was in the hospital after his hunger-strike, was convicted of disobeying police orders.

Udaltsov was detained on December 4, the day of the parliamentary election, because he had escaped from the hospital before his administrative arrest had expired.

Udaltsov said it was not made clear to him where he should have gone after he left the hospital and while he was still serving a part of his sentence.

Udaltsov went on hunger strike after he was taken to a pre-trial detention center to serve an administrative arrest sentence, which resulted in him twice being taken to the hospital. He served the rest of his term after leaving the hospital.