MOSCOW, February 27 - RAPSI. Adidas AG has asked the court to reconsider its "three-stripe" trademark case against the Alba Corporation.

The Supreme Commercial Court has registered Adidas's appeal to review the case.

The Moscow Commercial Court partially satisfied the lawsuit and banned the Alba Corporation from using the trademark on May 10. However, the court reduced the amount of compensation from 2.5 million rubles to 250,000 rubles ($8,000).

The appeals court upheld the ruling on August 9.

Adidas explained in court that the Alba Corporation sold footwear bearing the Adidas trademark. According to the plaintiff, the Adidas trademark was already registered for sports and outdoor activity footwear and has been known in Russia since 1978.

The Alba Corporation disagreed, arguing that Adidas' rights were not infringed as Alba sold classic footwear.

The Alba Corporation has over 70 shops in Moscow and other Russian towns. In 1998, it began to produce footwear with its own Alba trademark.

Adidas AG is the core company of the Adidas Group.