MOSCOW, March 19 - RAPSI. NTV channel faces a defamation lawsuit over its coverage of protest actions against the authorities.

Many rallies have been taking place in Russia since December's opposition protests against the parliamentary elections outcome. Protesters also claim that numerous violations were committed during the recent presidential elections won by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Right Cause party co-chairmen Boris Nadezhdin sued the TV channel.

The lawsuit centers on a documentary broadcast by NTV. The film alleged among other things that the opposition has no political program and February 26 rally participants were paid for their attendance.

According to Nadezhdin the defendant made false statements harming the opposition's reputation.

Agroup of activists in Facebook offered all those wishing to discuss the possibility of launching a class action against NTV.

Meanwhile, Supreme Court registered second complaint over presidential elections violation.

A representative of an NGO which monitored the Russian presidential elections accused the Central Election Commission of nonfeasance.

The Voters' League volunteer Vitta Vladimirova filed a complaint.

Vladimirova maintains that the Commission avoided considering her petition in which she required cancelling Putin's registration of as a presidential candidate due to the "bribery of voters."

The volunteer grounded her arguments on the federal laws allowing the court to remove a candidate from the presidential race if there is proof of attempted bribery committed by a candidate, his agents or other individuals acting on the candidate's behalf.