MOSCOW, May 30 - RAPSI. The Moscow Basmanny District Court has sanctioned a second defendant's arrest on Wednesday for inciting public unrest in Moscow on May 6.

The court has ruled for the investigators' request to detain Maxim Luzyanin until July 6.

The day before, the court placed under house arrest Alexandra Dukhanina, an 18-year-old Moscow resident suspected of inciting public unrest.

Investigators maintain that eyewitnesses recognized Luzyanin, although he supposedly wore a mask at the rally. Luzyanin claims that he was not in any of the photos taken on Bolotnaya Square on that day.

However, he did not deny his participation in the rally. He said he was involved in a clash with police, but he did not resist them. Instead, he tried to duck their blows.
He has denied the charges against him.

The court said Luzyanin, 36, was previously sentenced to four years in prison for extortion.

He is the general director of a company in the Moscow region and has a 15-year-old child.

The opposition held mass protests in Moscow on May 6 that led to clashes with police on Bolotnaya Square. Dozens of people and police officers were injured. Police detained more than 400 activists. The opposition then continued its campaign in a more peaceful manner.

Investigators consequently initiated a criminal case on charges of inciting public unrest and violence against the authorities, which are crimes punishable by lengthy prison terms.