MOSCOW, May 31 - RAPSI, Sergey Feklyunin. Supreme Commercial Court Chairman Anton Ivanov holds that to set up a separate system of administrative courts in Russia is problematic at the moment , while the jurisdiction of administrative cases can be divided between commercial and common law courts. Ivanov voiced this opinion at the traditional meeting between the Russian and German supreme courts.

"For the moment we can just use the double specialization of commercial courts and courts of common law. If each reviews its own administrative cases, we can do without setting up new courts," he said.

Ivanov believes that the administrative jurisdiction can be categorized as follows: matters falling within public economic law should be handled by commercial courts and matters referred to the general administrative law should be considered by courts of common law.

The recent legislative amendments proceed precisely from this concept, he noted. In accordance with the amendments, "disputes over business regulations on the activities of some ministries and departments" have been transferred to commercial courts.

Ivanov added that "the idea of administrative courts has the right to exist. But in this case we should create a separate court system with the Supreme Administrative Court as the highest authority, but this will require making amendments to the Constitution."