MOSCOW, June 5 – RAPSI. Charges have been brought against Andrei Barabanov, suspected in participating in riots in central Moscow, Vladimir Markin, a spokesperson for the Investigative Committee, told journalists on Tuesday.

Investigators press charges only if they possess enough evidence of the suspect's involvement in the crime.

According to the investigation, Barabanov tried to break through the police cordons during the opposition rally, hit the officers and even tried to choke them.

“During the interrogation, Barabanov partially pleaded guilty of using violence against law enforcement authorities,” Markin said.

Baranov is accused under two articles, which stipulate a punishment of five and eight years in prison respectively.

Mass opposition rallies began in Moscow on May 6.  Clashes with the police flared up during a procession across central Moscow approved by the authorities. Tens of people on both sides were injured. The police detained more than 400 protesters. However, the opposition continued its efforts by holding a series of “people's promenades”.

Charges have also been brought against another alleged participant, Alexandra Dukhanina. Additionally, Maxim Luzyanin, another suspect in the case, is also under arrest on suspicion of participating in the riots.