MOSCOW, June 19 - RAPSI. Russian TV-host-turned-opposition-activist Ksenia Sobchak is going to sue Izvestia daily for publishing allegations that she is facing charges for undervaluing her income declaration by ten times, reports on Tuesday.

Sobchak said she will file a defamation lawsuit after she has found out what happened to the money which was taken from her apartment when it was searched by police.

In reference to anonymous police sources, Izvestia quoted her supposed tax returns for 2010 and 2011. The article claims that Sobchak failed to declare over 6.7 million rubles ($208,500) in revenue, an accusation which the TV presenter has denied on her Twitter page: “My declared income on my tax return has not been below one million dollars for several years now. The rest is lies, libel and attempted provocation.” She later wrote in her blog that it was “a joint attack on my name by investigators and pro-Kremlin media.”

The apartments of opposition activists were searched as part of investigations into the May 6 riots in Moscow. Sobchak’s apartment was searched, despite the fact that she did not even attend the protest on Bolotnaya Square. Investigators claimed that they were looking to find opposition leader Ilya Yashin there. In addition to Yashin, they discovered a safe with money inside. They issued Yashin with a summons to the Investigative Commitee and took the cash, which amounted to 1,392,000 euros.

If the tax service can prove tax evasion, Sobchak will have to pay a fine and other expenses which could amount to 20 percent of the concealed sum, or even 40 percent if the tax evasion is deemed intentional, said Sergei Vrlamov, a partner of Nalogovik law firm. The fine for the last three years may exceed five million rubles (122,220 euros).

Sobchak claims it was an act of provocation and intends to sue the law enforcement authorities for violation of privacy.