MOSCOW, July 13 - RAPSI. The Supreme Commercial Court approved a bill proposing a new institute of judicial mediators to be introduced into commercial courts, Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper reports. These will be specially appointed individuals who will help the parties in dispute to resolve the case before it reaches the court.

The draft amendments to the Arbitration Procedure Code read that only retired judges, judicial assistants who are not involved in the consideration of cases and court employees with higher legal education can be mediators.

In fact, the mediators may even be able to bring about amicable resolutions in economic disputes between an individual and the state, if they are within the commercial court's jurisdiction.

The list of judicial mediators is to be approved by the Supreme Commercial Court on the basis of proposals submitted by commercial courts. If no agreement is reached, then the case will go to court.

In accordance with the draft law, the commercial court judge will recommend the parties to apply for reconciliation procedures after accepting the motion for the proceedings.