ST.-PETERSBURG, August 20 - RAPSI. Roughly 140 St. Petersburg residents have complained to the prosecutors office that Madonna broke the law during her performance on August 9, the office told RIA Novosti on Monday.

During her performance, Madonna called on residents to be friendlier to the LGBT community.

"About 130 complaints have been filed online, and the total number of complaints was roughly 140," the office said.

The prosecutor's office added that the complaints have been forwarded to the regional interior department for verification.

Earlier, Vitaly Milonov, who drafted a city law restricting the promotion of homosexuality, said the performance was attended by NGOs that checked its compliance with morality regulations.

They recorded the event and said 12-year-old children were at the concert, he said. Activists filed several applications last week with the police seeking to declare Madonna in breach of the law.

On Friday, activists sued Madonna and the concert organizers for 333 million rubles ($10 million). They claim that they were insulted by her explicit support for homosexuality.