MOSCOW, August 23 - RAPSI, Maria Petrova. A retired judge is not eligible to act as a mediator, i.e. to assist in the pre-trial settlement of disputes, the Council of Judges reported on its website on Thursday.

Its report states that, according to the law "On Mediation," mediation can be conducted by both professionals and non-professionals and it is not classed as a business activity.

As per the law On the Status of Judges in the Russian Federation, a retired judge has the right to work only at specific bodies and in specific positions stated in the law, and no amendments were introduced to this with regard to the adoption of the law "On Mediation".

The message also states that a working judge is not granted the status of a retired judge and, accordingly, does not acquire the right to the corresponding benefits, such as exemption from construction taxes. According to the law On Taxes on Property of Individuals pensioners do not pay tax on construction and premises.

"Judges who are entitled to a full monthly payment, but who are not retired, receive a supplemented wage, and not the non-taxable payment, which is, in fact, part of the state pension for judges," the councils website reads.