VLADIVOSTOK, September 13 - RAPSI. The Supreme Commercial Court has proposed that the government require state authorities to file commercial lawsuits electronically, Supreme Commercial Court Deputy Chairperson Tatyana Andreyeva said on Thursday.

"To execute the president's decree, we have submitted to the Communications Ministry and the government a proposal to obligate all the state authorities to submit lawsuits to commercial courts electronically," she said while speaking in Vladivostok at a meeting of federal commercial court heads.

She said such a decision could be made by government decree, and it would not require amending legislation or approving a separate federal law.

Andreyeva said courts consider a large number of cases involving the state authorities. The Supreme Commercial Court's initiative, if adopted, would not only reduce the circulation of documents, but also facilitate the exchange of information between courts and state authorities.

"We have proposed obligating state authorities to post information about their activity on the Internet by 2014 and other organizations by 2015. Other legal entities would have to do so by 2016," she said.

She stressed that the initiative has not been dismissed and is in the works.