ST.-PETERSBURG, October 4 - RAPSI. A St. Petersburg LGBT rights organization whose appeal against a law banning the promotion of homosexual relations among minors was dismissed by the Supreme Court on Wednesday is determined to continue challenging the law, including in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), the organization reports on its website.

Its previous appeal was turned down by the St. Petersburg City Court in May.

LGBT activists claim that the law contradicts federal legislation, as "any mention of homosexual relations in public may be regarded as an administrative violation."

The law imposing fines for "gay propaganda" took effect in St. Petersburg on March 30. It has faced heavy criticism from the LGBT community and rights activists in Russia and abroad, but it has also been proposed that it should be made into a federal law. Any citizen who breaks the law in St. Petersburg may be subject to pay a fine for an administrative violation.

The Moskovsky District Court in St. Petersburg will hear on October 11 complaints filed by the St. Petersburg activists against Madonna and her concert organizers for promoting homosexuality. Madonna, who held a concert in St. Petersburg as part of her controversial MDNA tour, urged local residents to be friendlier to the LGBT community during her performance. Activists claimed that they were offended by the statement supporting homosexuals.