CAIRO, April 1 - RAPSI. Ahmed Gaddafi Al-Dam, the late Libyan dictator Muammar Ghaddafi's cousin, refused to talk with Egyptian prosecutors and was sent back to the Torah prison near Cairo, Attorney General for Central Cairo Prosecutions Hamdi Mansour told journalists.

Al-Dam, the former coordinator between Ghaddafi and the Egyptian leadership, was put on Interpol's wanted list at the request of the Libyan government and was detained in Egypt in mid March. He is accused of financial fraud and complicity in the ousted governments crimes and has been detained for 30 days for investigation.

"We wanted Al-Dam to tell us why he resisted his detainment in Cairo and who owns the weapons we found in his apartment," Mr. Mansour said.

The attorney said that Ghaddafi's cousin refused to answer any questions and was sent back to prison after two hours of failed attempts to convince him to talk.

Late last week, Egypt handed two former top officials of Ghaddafi's government over to Libya - former Ambassador to Egypt Ali Maria and ex-Information Minister Mohammed Ibrahim. They were detained in Cairo together with Al-Dam.

The Egyptian authorities said the possibility of extraditing Ghaddafi's cousin to Libya could be considered only after the investigation is over.

A joint Libyan-Egyptian expert commission is investigating the legal grounds for the potential extradition of the former Ghaddafi associates to Libya. Hundreds of Ghaddafi's supporters fled to Egypt after his regime collapsed in a NATO operation which ended on October 31, 2011.