MOSCOW, June 3 (RAPSI) - Libya plans to appeal a decision rendered Friday by a pre-trial chamber for the International Criminal Court (ICC) rejecting its challenge to the admissibility of the ICC's case against Saif Al Islam Gaddafi, son of slain former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, the AFP reported Sunday.

Saif al-Islam was arrested in November 2011. An ICC chamber had issued an arrest warrant against Gaddafi in late June 2011 for the crimes against humanity of murder and persecution.

On Friday the ICC rejected Libya's objection against the court's decision to hear the case of Saif al-Islam in The Hague, saying that they were "not persuaded that this problem may be resolved in the near future" and reminded the Libyan authorities of their obligation to hand him over to the ICC.

A press statement accompanying the release of the decision Friday explained that admissibility challenges are granted in situations where a given case is being investigated by a state that has jurisdiction over the case, unless the state is unwilling or unable to properly adjudicate the case.

Elaborating on this point, the decision reads: "the Chamber has not been provided with enough evidence with a sufficient degree of specificity and probative value to demonstrate that the Libyan and the ICC investigations cover the same conduct and that Libya is able genuinely to carry out an investigation against Mr Gaddafi."