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15 years on: the ICC and the evolution of international justice
Fifteen years ago today, the adoption of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (Rome Statute) revolutionized the field of international criminal law by establishing the first permanent, treaty-based international tribunal armed with the power to prosecute the world’s most grave and abysmal atrocities. To better understand the ups and downs the court has endured since dreams gave way to reality with the adoption of the Rome Statute, RAPSI consulted world renowned experts.
The US State Department’s War Crimes Rewards Program takes on a new life
US President Barrack Obama signed off on a law last January offering millions of dollars in rewards for information leading to the arrest, capture, or transfer of certain fugitives, such as those sought for certain horrendous large-scale crimes by international, mixed, and hybrid tribunals, including “new mixed courts that may be established in places such as the Democratic Republic of Congo or for Syria.”