MOSCOW, July 12 (RAPSI) - The Presnensky District Court in Moscow has extended the house detention of former Rosbank CEO Vladimir Golubkov, who is accused of commercial bribery, RAPSI reports from the courtroom on Friday.

Judge Vladimir Dolgopolov has thereby granted the investigators' request to extend the detention until October 16. The court earlier granted a similar request with regard to senior vice-president Tamara Polyanitsyna, who is also implicated in the case.

His lawyers sought to have Golubkov released on a bail of 25 million rubles ($767,100). The offer came from a third party, the International Financial Club bank, as Golubkov's lawyers have been issued a power of attorney to represent that bank.

The defense lawyers also enclosed a document banning all Rosbank employees from contacting Golubkov or Polyanitsyna, which should prevent the suspects from putting pressure on witnesses. In addition, they said their client has had his passports confiscated and that he is suffering from several health conditions which require regular treatment and visits to doctors, which makes it impossible for him to escape.

Golubkov has made a separate request to have the level of restrictions imposed on him changed because the only criminal act he has been charged with is related to his activity as the head of Rosbank, a post he has been dismissed from.

In May, the police arrested Golubkov, who had headed the bank since 2008, while he was accepting 5 million rubles ($160,000) as part of a larger $1.5 million kickback from the representative of a private company. The executive was allegedly trying to extort the money from Andrei Kovalyov, a former member of the Moscow city legislature and a rock musician, in order to restructure an $80 million debt.

The police believe Polyanitsyna was also involved in the deal. Both executives face fines of up to 70 times the size of the bribe and prison terms of up to seven years.

Rosbank is a private universal bank within the Societe Generale banking group. It provides banking services to private and corporate clients and has over 600 offices in 340 cities and towns across Russia. It is one of Russia's top 10 banks in terms of assets.