MOSCOW, February 14 (RAPSI) – The Ukrainian National Resistanse Hedquarters reported on Friday that all protesters detained during the recent unrest have been released from custody.

Kiev and other Ukrainian cities have been rocked by mass anti-government street protests since President Viktor Yanukovych backed away from signing a series of agreements with the EU in November in favor of cementing ties with Russia.

Among the protesters’ main demands is a return to the previous version of the constitution enacted in 2004 by then-President Viktor Yushchenko. The amended version, under which some presidential powers were handed over to the parliament and government, was ruled unconstitutional in 2010 during the first year of Yanukovych’s presidency.

In late January, the Ukrainian parliament adopted an amnesty for the rioters, barring those arrested for aggravated crimes. The amnesty will take effect only if upon February 17, the protesters will abandon all occupied administrative buildings. As of now, 266 protesters are subject to amnesty in all of Ukraine.