New developments in Ukraine

The violence that ensued in Ukraine last month resulted in numerous deaths and hundreds of injuries. Thousands of people marched on the parliament building in Kiev, where a standoff was taking place over proposed constitutional reforms that the opposition said could provide a way out of the political crisis. Following the clashes, Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada (parliament) ousted and impeached Yanukovich on February 22, who then fled the country to Russia.

Ukrainian parliament rules to strip Yanukovich of president's title

MOSCOW, February 4 (RAPSI) – On Wednesday, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law to strip Viktor Yanukovich of the title of president, RIA Novosti reports on Wednesday. As many as 281 MPs voted for the decision. (The required minimum is 226 votes.)
Over 70 lawsuits prepared to protect conflict victims in Ukraine
“Law Against Fascism, an association of NGOs for the international legal remedy of the rights of Ukrainians affected by Kiev’s special operation, has prepared over 70 lawsuits to be heard in Ukrainian courts and could also file them with international courts, including the European Court of Human Rights and the Hague court,” said Alexander Brod, an association coordinator and director of the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights.
Maidan activist suspected of espionage detained in eastern Ukraine
Irma Krat, a journalist from Kiev who was earlier detained in the troubled Ukrainian region of Donetsk on suspicion of espionage, appeared at a media conference in Slavyansk on Monday. Commander of the self-defense forces in Slavyansk, said they suspect the woman, who was an active participant in the Maidan protests in Kiev, of spying for the ultranationalist Right Sector movement and of involvement in the torture of pro-Russian people during the Kiev riots.