KIEV, April 7 (RAPSI) - A representative of the Internet Party of Ukraine calling himself Darth Vader has appealed to the court regarding his registration as a presidential candidate, which was rejected by the Central Electoral Committee, the party announced Monday.

Last Thursday it was reported that the Central Electoral Commission of Ukraine denied registration for the deputy head of the Internet Party of Ukraine Darth Vader. The commission explained that the applicant had not provided the correct information on the location and time of the party meeting where Vader was nominated.

Vader claims that in its statement, the commission accuses him, without good reason, of discrediting the election, humiliating Ukrainian society in front of the international community and degrading the role of the Ukrainian president.

Darth Vader became widely known in Ukraine after a series of campaigns. He proclaimed himself the mayor of Odessa, attacked the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice with a company of storm troopers. He took action against illegal parking and gave out salt and matches to Kiev residents ahead of ‘Judgment Day.’ Vader also offered Alexey Kostusev, former mayor of Odessa, the chance to be the ruler of Tatooine.

On February 22, Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) impeached Viktor Yanukovych and amended the constitution. Presidential authority was assigned to parliament speaker Oleksandr Turchynov and a presidential election was scheduled for May 25.

Russia has denounced the events in Ukraine as an armed coup. President Vladimir Putin said during a news conference in March that Yanukovych remains Ukraine’s legitimate president.