KIEV, April 30 (RAPSI) – Kiev Prosecutor’s Office is investigating 47 criminal cases connected with the protests on the Independecne Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) in Kiev, prosecutor Nikolai Gerasimyuk told the press on Wednesday.

Currently, The Prosecutor General’s Office plans to charge six traffic police officers and three high ranking law enforcement officials with abuse of office. According to the prosecutors, the officer were forging statements and reports against the opposition activists .

The political crisis erupted in Ukraine in late November 2013 after the government announced that it had halted the country’s association with the EU. Mass protests, called Euromaidan, swept across the country and led to violent clashes between armed radicals and law enforcers in January and February 2014.

On February 22, radicals seized power in violation of the February 21 agreement on the settlement of the crisis, signed by Ukraine’s opposition leaders and President Viktor Yanukovich in the presence of the French, German and Polish foreign ministers. The Verkhovna Rada announced the deposition of Yanukovich, reinstated the 2004 constitution and set early presidential elections for May 25.