MOSCOW, March 13 (RAPSI) – India has notified the Russian authorities of having delivered a summons to the captain of the cargo vessel Sevastopol, which was seized in mid-February, RIA Novosti reported on Friday, citing Yelena Volgina, an attaché at the Russian Consulate in Mumbai.

“The Indian authorities have officially notified us that an order to appear before the Madras High Court has been delivered to the captain in a lawsuit filed by the Chennai (formerly Madras)-based NTC Logistics over the alleged attempt by the Russian vessel to allude arrest,” she said.

The Indian Coast Guard detained the MV Sevastopol of the Vladivostok-based Gudzon Shipping Company as it was leaving the port of Mumbai in mid-February. The captain said the ship has since been anchored in neutral waters 14 miles off the coast of Mumbai.

The Indian authorities cited an order of the Madras High Court that allegedly authorized the seizure of the vessel and its cargo because of a commercial dispute between its Russian owner and the Indian counterparty.

The MV Sevastopol was chartered for a coastal run from Chennai to Kandla with a cargo of at least 35 nacelles weighing 80 metric tons each and a hub of 26 metric tons.

“According to the ship owner, they are working on an out-of-court settlement between the parties involved,” Volgina said. She added that the ship's crew is running out of food and fuel and that the ship’s agent is trying to obtain the Indian authorities’ permission to deliver the necessary supplies to the ship.

Nikolai Sukhanov, head of the Far Eastern office of the Seafarers’ Union of Russia, earlier said that the Indian court had required $200,000 for the vessel’s release. “Until the money is paid, the ship will not be released. The ship owner has retained a lawyer and the issue is going to court,” Sukhanov said.

Sukhanov said the captain attempted to sail away upon learning about the fine but the Indian Coast Guard detained the vessel 11 hours later and forced it to return to the port.