MOSCOW, December 15 (RAPSI) - Metro Cash & Carry Russia has filed a motion with the Supreme Court to reconsider a lower court decision under which it has to pay 205.1 million rubles (about $3mln) to a wholesale fish supplier, according to court records.

In November 2014, the Moscow Commercial Court dismissed a lawsuit filed by the St. Petersburg-based fish supplier SK Torgovlya against Metro Cash & Carry. But in July 2015, the Ninth Commercial Court of Appeals overturned that decision and ruled that the defendant pay 166.2 million rubles in unreasonable gains and 38.9 million rubles in interest to the plaintiff. This amounts to 205.1 million rubles, while SK Torgovlya asked for 207 million rubles. On October 9, a cassation court upheld the ruling.

SK Torgovlya complained about the discriminatory policies of Metro Cash & Carry, which requested compensation for advertising its products whereas it did not request similar compensation from other suppliers. SK Torgovlya said it paid 167 million rubles in 2010 -2011 and that it wants the defendant to repay this money, which it identified as unjustified gain, plus interest. The company also said that it is impossible to understand from the Metro Cash & Carry pamphlets that it is its products that are being advertised.

Metro Cash & Carry is a trading division of the German METRO Group, a leading global cash and carry chain.